Our entire menu is cooked
in our wood fired oven...

we've a wicked selection of ice cold
drinks to wet your whistle...

we've got free popcorn
and peanuts for snacking...

pool tables, live music, comedians
tons of televisions and sport nights...

and a sweet little patio for those 
hot summer days we cherish so much

A neighbourhood gem 

 Established in 1987 and going strong ever since, this little gem isn't your average neighbourhood pub and it's the personal touch of Uncle Glenn that makes it such a special spot.

The whole place is meticulously decorated and maintained by Uncle Glenn who makes certain it's clean, cozy and comfortable at all times. He cooks the entire menu in a wood fired oven, ensures the beer is always ice cold and offers up free popcorn and peanuts to satisfy your munchies. 

He's got lots of TV's to watch your favourite sport, live bands on occasion to spice things up, some pool tables and a juke box for a bit of fun and even a couple VLT's to try your luck.  And in true Edmonton fashion, he made you a nice little patio nestled among some trees for those nice warm days that we cherish so much.

You'll love Uncle Glenn's. Come check it out.  


Hockey nights
at Uncle Glenn's


Our Favourite Eats

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